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Take Back Control of Your Property

Utilize your rental agreements, control the flow of money, and use your own booking process.

Cheap Vacation Rentals
Book Direct

All reservations are made between you and your guest. Build long-lasting relationships.

Cheap Vacation Rentals
Easy Connectivity

Adding your properties is simple thanks to our API connections with a growing number of software companies.

Cheap Vacation Rentals
Manage your own Property?

GuestSmiles includes a reservation software. Adding your properties is made simple thanks to our API connections with a growing number of software companies.

Cheap Vacation Rentals
Industry-Low Commission Fee

Property owners and managers enjoy our industry-low 9% commission fee and absolutely no guest fees.

GuestSmiles is a vacation rental marketplace where property owners, managers and guests can communicate, build relationships, and book reservations. GuestSmiles is not an online travel agency — our mission is to remove the middleman. This means property owners and managers own and control client relationships, and guests are never charged third-party fees. It also means guests and property owners and managers have the option to interact directly OR book online instantly if they please. We provide the vacation rental marketplace with choices. Join us in our fight to give the power back to individuals.

Why I created

Before buying our vacation rental home in 2014, we had used an Online Travel Agency (OTA) as guests several times. Every rental experience through that OTA was positive so it was our choice when it came time to offer our vacation home for rent. Most important in our OTA selection was the ability to choose to communicate directly and create a relationship of trust between the vacation rental homeowner and the guest. As guests, we wanted to assure the owner that we were responsible and would take care of their home. Also, it was reassuring during initial contact that we could validate the legitimacy of the owner and the property they were offering. Once we became vacation rental homeowners, establishing that relationship with the guest was equally important for the same reasons. We used a simple, straightforward rental agreement and enjoyed the interaction of our self-booking process. It allowed for the development of a trusting relationship that was easy and comforting for our guests and us alike. We happily paid the OTAs annual listing fee because we considered it fair and reasonable and our guests incurred no extra cost.

Sadly, all that has changed. The once user friendly OTAs have become controlling intermediaries charging high fees to vacation rental owners, professional property managers and their guests. Even more frustrating was the intentional blocking of the easy communication with our guests, removing our ability to build direct long-term relationships and encourage repeat business. was created and developed for the convenience of the vacation rental homeowner or professional property manager and the guest. Personal experience, conversations with other owners and managers, and our company research convinced me there is a strong demand for a model based on options, choices, and direct communication. is safe, secure, fast, and user friendly. We are reasonably priced, offer fast payment, and treat all folks fairly. Simply, we are a marketplace conduit between owners and guests, whether they wish to book via instant confirmation or engage in direct communication prior to booking. will provide an affordable marketing solution that guests, property owners and managers want and need.

Ron Holcomb
CEO and Founder